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Automation for 2-0 at footy
darren1963 - February 13, 9:08 am
Hi Dallas, my apologies, maybe I didn't explain so well. If I back at say 10 and lay at 9 ...
Forum & Site outage
Bet Angel - February 13, 8:48 am
Sorry for the unplanned outage of the forum from late yesterday afternoon. We moved to a ...
Tennis Markets suspending for x mins after going in play
sniffer66 - February 13, 8:44 am
[quote=Dallas post_id=212005 time=1581518051 user_id=14766] Are you using streaming or pol...
what happened ?
JakubStefanik - February 12, 4:48 pm
[quote=Dallas post_id=212016 time=1581525856 user_id=14766] [quote=JakubStefanik post_id=2...
Stored Value rule stopped triggering after a market suspension
Dallas - February 12, 4:41 pm
If you have a condition testing the number is equal that will fail to be true once a runne...
Today's Tennis
Nero Tulip - February 12, 4:24 pm
this market is insane.. little point backing Kuznetsova, you'll still get 1.25 after she ...
Today's Horse Racing
Naffman - February 12, 2:45 pm
[quote=Mushin post_id=212006 time=1581518345 user_id=12795] Is anyone else having trouble ...
'Traded Volume' column empty in free trial?
Dallas - February 12, 2:32 pm
It means Betfair has restricted the data you recieve on your account, the following thread...
Soccer Saturday Super 6
jamesg46 - February 12, 1:57 pm
[quote=wearthefoxhat post_id=211969 time=1581495194 user_id=20950] [quote=jamesg46 post_id...
Taking up the slack in the book
ShaunWhite - February 12, 1:31 pm
It's not just a numbers game it's also about horses and sentiment, who fancies what. And i...
Cricket - Connecting scores and odds to spreadsheet
betsman11 - February 12, 12:27 pm
Hello All, I trade mainly on cricket markets and have seen some amazing work done on conn...
Australian racing
Derek27 - February 12, 12:10 pm
[quote=rik post_id=211965 time=1581485324 user_id=12839] why loss what went wrong [/quote]...
Lay at 50% BSP & Offset in Two Parts Guardian Automation Bot
dudisela - February 12, 11:41 am
There's a rule to cancel all bets in the market, but you can't specify just lay or back be...
Store Hi & Lo Prices Servant
Rollox - February 12, 11:39 am
Thanks for the info Dallas shall try that....
Dripping in bets
Dallas - February 12, 11:33 am
[quote=pete444 post_id=211966 time=1581490601 user_id=22071] Hi all, I have a bot which dr...
Today's Football
wearthefoxhat - February 12, 10:14 am
[quote=Kafkaesque post_id=211932 time=1581439573 user_id=20055] [quote=wearthefoxhat post_...
Drip Back O2.5 Goals if 0-0 on 10th & 20th minute
bobob1010 - February 12, 9:19 am
I just tried to download, but it says the attachments do not exist anymore....
Greyhound Mystique
wearthefoxhat - February 12, 8:36 am
[quote=Archery1969 post_id=211943 time=1581449848 user_id=25902] This is a very good examp...
Listing matched/unmatched bets
Anbell - February 11, 11:37 pm
How did you solve your problem?...
'Ghost' bets
Anbell - February 11, 11:28 pm
Thanks Dallas. I cant imagine how I could have accidentally placed a manual bet of 1.02. ...


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